Artist Members

Xchanges artists come from a wide background of artistic practice. Artists listed here include our resident studio artists and Xchanges members with studios or their art practice elsewhere.

Xchanges artists may have a profile page on the Xchanges Community site. If you would like to set up a profile just let us know by submitting the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Keep an eye on this page or sign up for updates as new artists create profile pages.
1Corey Anderson
2Bill Bartlett
3Leslie Bell
4Heidi BergstromMulti-media                              
5Joan Borutski
6Darlene Botkin
7Claire Burgoyne
8Trevor Calkins
9Maureen Calkins
10Leah Carlos
11Brian Chandler
12Jim Coey
13Judy Craig
14Michael Cranny
15Sandra Davidson
16Wilma Devries
17Lorraine Douglas
18Andrea Eggenberger
19Kate Fairley
20Diane Farries
21Douglas Fraser
22Douglas FraserPainting                                        
23Marilyn Gallant
24Steve Glover
25Leslie Graham
26Martin Grove 
27Katarina Hardisty
28Rachel Hellner
29Barry Herring
30Shannon HolmsPainting                                  
31Leese JeffPainting and drawing
32Jayne Jones
33Johanna Kendall
34Clement Kwan
35Sandra Levy
36Shane Lighter
37Peter Loebel
38Sabrina Luis
39Jean MaddisonPrintmaking; Watercolour    
40Dave Marshall
41David Martinelle
42Bryan McGill
43Milan Medek
44Frank Mitchell
45Richard Motchman
46Chantal New
47Gary Nickle
48Susan Nonen
49Danielle Olson
50Marcia Perkins
51Carolyn Pullman
52Regan Rasmussen
53Gillian RedwoodPainting                                  
54Leonard Regan
55Heather Reid
56Nicky Rendell
57Joan Richardson
58Dave Richardson
59Joan Rushton
60Nick Salvador
61Marlena Salvador
62Cameron Schaefer
63Mark Schmiedl
64Christine Scott
65Kate Seymour
66Trish Shwart
67Heather Simonds
68Gordon Smith
69Rick Thomas
70Kathi ThompsonMulti-media              
71Susan Underwood
72Jillan Valpy
73Greg Varano
74Nelson Walker
75Richard Wilson
76Theresa Wright
77Cindy Wright

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